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QR Enhanced Curriculum Night
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Wednesday, March 08, 2017
  • Ahmad Austin, the art teacher, had each child in the school choose their favorite piece of art to display around the school. Each child then videotaped themselves in Seesaw explaining why it was their favorite piece. Mr. Austin then printed off a QR code for the videos and attached it to their artwork throughout the building.
  • Karen Miles, a kindergarten teacher, had students create riddles for animals. The students then recorded the answers in Seesaw. The parents and visitors scanned an attached QR code to the clues to hear the answer.
  • Alana Dickie, a 2nd grade teacher, created green screen videos with information on national symbols they researched. Parents could scan the QR code to hear their research.
  • Third grade completed a unit on roller coaster design using the design thinking process. The students planned and created prototypes in groups. The students also videotaped in Seesaw their trails and how they solved problems they came across. QR codes were printed and attached to each roller coaster.
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